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I distinctly remember how few ticks I used to see when I started practising in 1994!  Then slowly but surely we started seeing a few more local cases of ticks come into the hospital – some of those pets had never left Abbotsford. A few of those dogs had only been walked in Downes Bowl.  Over the past 20 years we see ticks a lot more commonly now!

People are out hiking in the local parks & trails or on our gorgeous local mountains or more distant destinations and come home to find a tick on their pet 1-2 days later. However some dogs presented with ticks have not even left their home’s back yard.

Ticks are more prevalent every year it seems.  And although the main local concern with Ticks is primarily Lyme’s disease, for most people just to see a tick on their beloved pet brings them into our clinic in a hurry, and personally I don’t blame those clients one bit.  Being an avid hiker I had a tick land on my hand while out hiking on Sumas Mountain, I saw it before it had a chance to attach itself. And of course with my medical mind fully operational, I preserved the little “friend”, took him back to work and examined it under the microscope and of course preserved the litter “guy”.  I also ran home, took a shower and made sure I had not picked up any more critters elsewhere on my body.

Ticks are not fun and carry a lot of potential diseases other then Lyme’s disease – much of that depends on where you travel.  However since one does not know if a tick is carrying any infectious disease or not, the focus is really on prevention and treatment of ANY and ALL ticks. With the development of oral products like Nexgard ® (a monthly chewable beef flavored tablet) or topical medications, tick control and treatment has never been so easy.

Please contact us at Gladwin Veterinary Clinic (604) 850-0446 if you have any questions about ticks or tick prevention for your pet so we can discuss and recommend the best solution for your pet.

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