January & February Dental Months

January and February are our Dental Months at the Gladwin Veterinary Clinic. If your pet has dirty teeth, bad breath (halitosis) or possibly loose teeth please get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can help your pet. Dirty and loose teeth can lead to oral pain and infections in other places in the body (ie: bladder infection). Looking after your pet’s teeth will make him / her feel better and live a longer and healthier life.

For existing Gladwin Veterinary Clinic clients and their pets you can bring in your pet (by appointment) for a complimentary Dental estimate and we can answer any questions relative to having your pet’s oral health care needs addressed.

If you are a new client client to us please give us a call (604) 850-0446 and arrange for an appointment so we can give your pet a full and thorough physical examination first (there will be an office call fee). The examination will include the dental exam and an estimate. This examination is very important since your pet will need to undergo an anesthetic to have the dental procedure performed and the doctor needs to determine if there are any possible concerns before this is carried out.

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