In Hospital Patients can be Remotely Monitored

A very special service offered at our clinic is our ability to REMOTELY monitor any patients that are hospitalized in our clinic. Through the marvel of a webcam and the internet Dr. E. Mulder ten Kate can monitor any hospitalized patients from home or through his phone no matter where he is. This means when your pet is in the clinic (s)he can be monitored to make sure (s)he is resting comfortably or alert the doctor to any concerns so he can attend to them.



“Bear” (the Pomeranian on the left) belongs to Sarah our receptionist
He was in hospital for some urine tests and he is making it abundantly
clear that he was ready to go home……
“Lucas” (on the right) was recovering quietely from surgery.
“Behind the towel in the bottom right kennel” was a nervous kitty cat
that also just recovered from surgery.