19 Your ferret should be examined at minimum yearly by a veterinarian. Vaccines are available for ferrets and can be discussed with you during your visit.

Common problems associated with ferrets include gastrointestinal disease (diarrhea), parasites and many different cancers. Ferrets are inquisitive creatures by nature and frequently ingest objects they shouldn’t. Any loss of appetite or abnormal behavior should alert you to a potential problem and the need for veterinary consultation.

20Dr. Edwin Mulder ten Kate has taken a special interest in caring for ferrets for many years now. Of special interest to our Doctor is the Adrenal disease so common in middle aged and older ferrets (the balding ferret). The most common therapy employed at the Gladwin Veterinary Clinic is the use of Surgery (Adrenalectomy -where the ‘diseased’ adrenal gland(s) is removed, or treated with Cryosurgery – where the ‘diseased’ gland is “eliminated” by extreme freezing) OR if the ferret is not a good surgical candidate a common treatment for adrenal tumors is a medication called Lupron (TM). Dr Mulder ten Kate will discuss with you which treatment options may be best suited for your little one.