Book / Video Resources

32We have a list of books/references we can suggest if you or a member of your family needs some assistance with coping with the loss of a beloved pet. Many if not all of these books can be obtained through your local library services.

  • “Goodbye Dear Friend: Coming to terms with the death pf a pet” (Virginia Ironside)
  • “It’s Okay To Cry”  (Maria L. Quintana)
  • “Loving and Losing a Pet: A Psychologist and a Veterinarian Share their Wisdom” (M. Stern)
  • “Coping with Sorrow on the loss of your pet” (Moira K Anderson)
  • “Goodbye Friend: Healing Wisdom for anyone Who has Lost a Pet” (Gary Kowalski)
  • “Pet Loss: A Thoughtfull Guide for Adults and Children (Herbert A. Nieburg)