Once an adult female flea has fed off of Fluffy or Fido she can lay anywhere from 15-50 small white eggs a day or close to 350 eggs per week! Once the eggs dry, they fall off your pet and into the carpet, bedding, or floorboards. After anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks later, the eggs hatch into larvae. Larvae feed off of organic debris such as hair, skin, and “flea dirt” or digested blood from adult fleas. After approximately 2 weeks the larvae spin a cocoon, where they develop into adult fleas. Studies have shown that fleas can lay dormant in this stage for upwards of 6 months. Adult fleas hatch from their cocoons based on vibrations, heat, and carbon dioxide (from potential hosts) in the enviroment. This can explain why some people report moving into a new home and experiencing a flea infestaion, even when there are no longer any pets in the house.

There are several products on the market to combat fleas, however some of these products must be used with great caution as they can be safe in one pet (ie: dog) but highly toxic to another pet in the same household (ie: cat). Give us a call at GLADWIN VETERINARY CLINIC (604) 850-0446 so we can find the right product for your pet.