285One of the most common skin diseases of dogs!

Scratching. Licking. Gnawing. Chewing. Skin infections. Hair loss. Malodorous (“bad smell”). Sleepless nights. These are all signs that may indicate that your dog is suffering from canine atopic dermatitis.

If left untreated, dogs that suffer from this chronic long-term condition live in constant misery – and so do the families that love them. That happy, energetic, adorable pet they once knew has become an unhappy, depressed and unsightly burden.

The good news is that veterinary science has been coming along in leaps and bounds, and there are now therapies which tackle the source of the allergy, rather than just temporarily alleviating some of the symptoms.

So, if your dog is generally scratching or rubbing its face, or gnawing and licking itself, please call us at the Gladwin Veterinary Clinic and make an

appointment to have your pet seen by Dr. Edwin Mulder ten Kate